Everything You Need to Know About Insurance Claims


Filing an insurance claim can be stressful, but when the unexpected occurs, you don’t have to worry. Help is just a phone call away.

One of the benefits of working with an independent insurance agency like Hogge Insurance Services Inc. is the personal service you receive. If you have been involved in an accident or believe you need to file an insurance claim, contact us by calling our office at (805) 481-5484.

One of our licensed agents will discuss your options and guide you through the claims process.

If you prefer filing a claim directly with your insurance company, we prepared a list of our insurance company partners’ claims department phone numbers and online claims portals. From car accidents to weather damage, our partners are available to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Are you ready for your 5-minute check up?

Chances are, your life changed in some way last year. Make sure your insurance protection is updating by taking our Five-Minute Insurance Check-Up.

Life events like welcoming a baby, getting married, or retiring are all indicators you may need to update your insurance. Big purchases can impact your insurance, too. If you invested in big-ticket items like a home remodel or expensive jewelry and didn’t notify your insurance company, you may have insufficient coverage.

Did you know? Unreported life events cause 33% of unpaid claims every year! We don’t want you to be part of this statistic!

Even if you haven’t experienced a life-changing event, you could be eligible for new discounts. One of our favorites: security credits for ARLO cameras and other self-monitoring safety devices. Don’t worry, our Five-Minute Insurance Check-Up includes a discount checklist, too!

After you complete the check-up, we’ll review your policies to make sure they’re still the best insurance solution for you. Be sure to indicate how you prefer we contact you—by phone, email, or text message—and we’ll be in touch with our recommendations.

Thank you for being proactive about your insurance protection!

Why use an Insurance BROKER?
What’s the difference between a BROKER and an agent?

Have you ever wondered, what’s the big deal between an Agent or a Broker?
It’s important for consumers to know because the main difference is whom they represent. An Agent represents a company. They have a contract usually with just one Insurance provider, and the Agent is paid by the Insurance Company. This is called being a “captive agent.”
A Broker represents the customer, not the company. Brokers have relationships with several insurance providers and place the client with the carrier that best meets the need of the client. As a broker, the role is to lay down all the cards, so to speak, so that consumers will be better informed. It is our goal at Hogge Insurance Services, Inc. to become your Trusted Advisor for all matter’s insurance related. We do that by listening, evaluating, and offering advise to maximize your protection.

Does it cost the same?
The policy costs are the same. Brokers are allowed to charge a Broker Fee but at Hogge Insurance Services, Inc, we never do.

  • Are All of Your Personal Insurance Policies With Hogge Insurance Services Inc.?

    Why do we ask? If you have insurance policies elsewhere, such as for a rental property, classic car, or boat, we want to make sure you don’t have any dangerous gaps in protection.

  • General Life Changes

    The following life events can impact all your insurance policies. Please select all that apply.

  • General Discount Checkup

    The following discounts may apply to your home or auto insurance policies. Select all that apply.

  • Home Discount Checklist

    The following discounts may apply to your home, condo, or renter’s insurance policy, even if your alarms are self-monitored (such as with Nest Protect or SimpliSafe). Please select all that apply.

  • Life Changes That Impact Home Insurance

    The following life changes may impact your home, condo, or renter’s insurance policy. Please select all that apply.

  • Life Changes that Impact Auto Insurance

    The following life changes may impact your home, condo, or renter’s insurance policy. Please select all that apply.